Monday, April 06, 2009

Los Angeles Smog v Houston Smog

We are now at the place we meant to come to, and have successfully unloaded the compressor off the truck at Glendale, California. The trip over here brought us, as we had expected, through the worst of the morning traffic, but, to be fair, it was not as bad as we were expecting it to be.

One of the things about Los Angeles that Dad and I can't help but notice is the unusual amount of smog here. It is so thick that it obscures the view of the mountains in any direction, unless one is nearly on top of them, and it coats everything white with a layer of grudge.

How these people could criticize Houston for its pollution is something that greatly puzzles us, there'sless smog in Houston.

Dad was constantly coughing during the trip over here as a result of the thick smog. While we were in the general Pasadena area, I managed to catch a glimpse of the downtown skyscrapers through a wide pass in the hills.

I tried to take a few photos of them, but I am not sure how they turned out.